fiction as reality

Everyday I see the influence of the fictional on the fabric of reality. Slowly the ideas that seemed so obscure and impossible just a few years before become the commonplace tools of everyday existence. How is it that man is so effortlessly conforming the world around it to the needs and desires of the species? Is technology becoming an organically growing field of of human perception?

An act of magick is nothing more than forcing the universe to conform with the will. Modifications to the theater of the mind allow man access to potential abilities within the perceptual range of the human form. The evolving shape of technological advancement is one of expansion of the human input field.

Technology is becoming a tool by which man is able to practice the magick of conforming the universe to the will. Once man utilizes this potential tool the limits of our perceptual universe become boundless.

film as transcendental experience

I am currently working on a treatise for the use of experimental “occult” film as a tool for the expansion of the mind. A handbook for utilizing abstract imagery to push out beyond the perception of self and to become aware of the vast other that is existence.

If anyone has examples of out-of-body or transcendental experiences related to watching film (with or without the use of chemical modifiers) please send them my way.

Also, I finally got around to putting up my 2006 filmography, see my profile for links.

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lost to history

I am listening right now to one of the greatest jazz records of all time. It is a perfect window into an emerging scene right on the cusp of exploding across jazz history. But this is not a record you will have heard or be easily capable of finding. It was released for only a couple of years in the early1960’s and has never been reprinted.

The album is the Joe Daley Trio, Live in Newport 1963.

This record is something that blends the post bop nightclub jazz of the late 1950s perfectly with an avant garde approach to composition and improvising that wouldn’t become popular in Chicago for more than 5 years.

The record is framed in a live sounding environment that was artificially created in the studio. But beyond this weak studio framework lies an incredible album of historic importance, beautifully recorded but lost in the drift of history.

[mp3 versions of this album are found here:

beta space

Space is something that is required for any artist to creatively explore ideas and devlop pieces. After much waiting and a handful of functional but not pretty spaces in Chicago I have finaly gotten myself the space in which I can produce the works I have been outlining for the past 5 years.

Next month I will be hosting a studio warming party. Feel free to drop me a line if you want an invite.

nuclear winter

For years I have threatened to move from Chicago because of the cold harsh winters. I grew up in the snow and I still can not stand the cold. As I get older this gets worse every year. To me the perfect place is somewhere around Lisbon, Portugal or Seville, Spain. Just north of Africa, but with mild summers due to the Gulf stream. (not to mention better health care, cheaper cost of living, etc)

But as I walk around today in the middle of January, I find it strange that it is mild out. As much as I don’t like the cold I find myself concerned that the cold isn’t here. They say it will be in a week, but shouldn’t we already have been bitten by the wet and the cold of the winter?

It is not so much that I want the cold to come (far from it) but if Chicago stops having a winter, what is happening in the rest of the world?


After the most grueling illness I have ever had (and am still slightly affected by) I have come to wonder about the nature of illness and the purpose of medication.

Are we breeding new viruses through the use of vaccines? Does the flu shot make you stronger or the virus? Is it possible that we are moving toward a future in which without an annual shot anyone would suffer from the kind of flu outbreaks that happened in the early 20th century?

I had not been to the doctor for any reason for over 5 years until last week. After 2 weeks of the flu and 4 nights without sleep I finally went to the hospital, paid a great deal of money, and got perscribe some antibiotics (which I must say worked wonders).

But the whole thing struck me as wrong somehow. I feel as if we are responsible for these increasingly powerful flus that seem to be getting worse each year. Are we breeding our own germ warfare inside of ourselves?