Today I thought I was going to write about the way in which life takes a shape that seems to require that every time something positive is happening in one part of my life then another part has to fall to shit.

But instead a random conversation led to my thinking about the way women have been shaped by the culture of greed over the past 2000 years. Why do women (and to the same extent men) desire the things that the media tells them to desire? How is it that completely counter-natural habits have formed in our society (make-up, shaving, circumcision, smoking) that we find pleasurable and want to have?

When you look at the discomfort and time consumption that most of these habits require, it seems ridiculous that we are moving in that direction as a society. Why? Can the thing we want be the end of ourselves? Do we require death in the same way that we require sex (or the spreading of life)?

What drive is there that intelligent people can be so easily convinced that something is good simply because every one wants it (or so you are told)?

When do our habits stop being something that we have and become something that has us?


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