each other

As I wander the night in this city I see familiar faces all around me. I often wonder about the interconnectedness of humanity. Of how, as we more closely speak and act, as we can so simply reach out and ask each other who they are and what they are doing, our thoughts begin to run in tandem.

The world of online existence is becomming a map of where we go and who we know. The mind continually reaches out in search of connection. Possibly in the hopes of finding some specifc thing in our lives, but more potentially in order that we may experience more of what the world offers through the eyes of others who have been there and done that.

Humanity, even in its bleakest and most anti-social mode, seeks companionship. It seeks the knowledge that others exist, live, and face the same (or harsher) realities that we face every day.

When the head is soft on the pillow of the night and our dreams melt us away from the input of our existence, we all feel the need for each other.


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