technology’s soul

Somehow I have fallen into the world of science fiction that I read of as a teenager in the late 1980’s. The worlds imagined by men like Gibson and Sterling are the world in which we live everyday.

The distant dream of technology we held just 15 years ago has become the common place article of everyday life in the 21st century. Our bodies themselves linked continually (through cell phones, pda’s bluetooth devices, etc) to a network of global proportions. Data is exchanged between individuals all over the world in mere seconds. Entertainment and Advertising have become a single thing, a continuous outpour of commercial culture – streaming through our phones, our computers and our dreams.

As we continually project and absorb the data stream into our lives; becoming ceaslessly more aware of the world through the eyes of others, we are evolving into something larger than human life. An artifical network of human interaction has given rise to an entirely meta level of conciousness.

As the media is being manipulated, by the corporate structures that have also evolved over the past 2 centuries, so is the mindset of humanities social conscious being changed to further the ends of the consumerist ideals of most corporations.

Our data, not just the individual things like your social security number, but our pictures and our words, represent the bulk of the flux of data sent over the internet everyday. We are technology’s content, it’s soul.


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