vantage point

Recently, during an excersize in concious expansion of the mind, I drifted out away from the sense of self that is inherent in each of us. Eventually I found a point where I could look at the shape of my life from a vantage that showed me the evolution I had been taking since my birth, and revealed the direction of development I am headed.

What struck me as odd was that, much like a line drawing of free/thought, my life had a shape – a form that could be viewed as an unfinshed whole.

Do each of our movements through life continually add to the equation of self? Can we all be but artists whose existence is merely to flesh out the line of development that each of us must take?

Whatever the goal of the individual mind how far from that outline we describe in time and space is the nature of truth? This I could not see from the vantage I had obtained.


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