you are shaping who we are

How is it that man has been shaped by the elements of his environment to have a genetic code that predisposes ones abilities and thus the “ego” of ones sense of self? We make choices that seem rational, yet in the end they, more often than not, turn out to be incorrect – based on the available data. Our mind, the variables that make up our conscious self, is guiding us along a path through time. In order for us to survive the mind creates rationalizations for each action. We must survive, not just as variables in the passing down of genetic code, but as variables in the evolution of that code in the species.

The state that one thinks of as conscious is often limiting the incoming data spectrum of our perceptions. Narrowing the bandwidth intentionally in order to give focus to certain variables that could endanger the evolution of our path through time.

Is it possible that these needs, centered around survival in a hostile environment having to fight to live, are becoming (slowly) an outdated mode for existence as a species? Could we be better served by a cooperative existence that helps to foster spontaneous creative growth instead of aggressive animal behavior? Though this seems inevitable there is always the potential of extinction of the species, which has happened on a mass scale before.

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